TUBEX® Combitube Tree Shelters

Tubex® Combitube tree shelters are designed for more exposed sites where there is a greater contrast between growing conditions within the shelter and those without.

  • Tubex® Combitube tree shelter provides an improved micro-climate at the base of the shelter which results in better initial establishment of the tree.

  • Tubex® Combitube has a ventilated upper section of the tree shelter which enables the plant to acclimatize to external conditions improving trunk and root development.

  • Higher air moisture within the Tubex® Combitube treeshelter reduces water stress and enables the plant to survive better in dry or drought conditions.

  • Ventilation is provided by a number of 4mm perforations in a set of 100mm deep bands at the top of the Tubex® Combitube tree shelter. 45cm of solid shelter at the base provides herbicide protection.

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