VisPore® Tree Mat

Next to protecting your hardwood tree seedling with a TUBEX® treeshelter, controlling grass competition and providing nutrition to the roots is your best assurance of fast healthy growth.

  • The seedling is most vunerable during its early life stages at the roots. The unique construction of the VisPore Tree Mat allows rainfall and moisture to flow through the exclusive "micro-funnel" holes (more than 400 per square in.) while blocking 92% of the sunlight and preventing the establishment of competing weeds. 

  • By controlling weeds, each seedling can access all the water, minerals and nutrients available in the soil. The mats generate a warmer temperature in the soil, creating an ideal environment for root growth. 

  • VisPore® Tree Mats are an inexpensive alternative to costly repeated herbicide applications and provide 9 square feet of protection and are UV stabilized for 3 years of weed control.

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