Conservation Services, Inc. is the leading source for hardwood tree conservation projects in the Mid-Atlantic region.



We provide conservation services to individuals, organizations and localities ranging from New York to Georgia and west to Ohio. Our specialty areas include:

  1. Hardwood Tree Planting - Planning, planting and maintaining hardwood tree seedlings for a vast array of projects, including riparian buffers, wetland mitigation banks, wetland restoration projects, stream mitigation banks, stream restoration projects, and more.

  2. Herbaceous Planting - Planting grass plugs to help prevent soil erosion, remove pollutants from surface runoff, and improve water quality.

  3. Invasive Species Management - Prevention, detection and elimination of invasive insects, pathogens, plants and other wildlife that might cause harm to hardwood seedlings.

  4. Forest Management - Developing strategic plans, assessing the health of the area, conducting timber sales, marking timber, improving timber stands, developing trails and taking soil samples are all part of our Forest Management services. This service is limited to the Commonwealth of Virginia at this time.


We offer expertise in many forms to suit our clients' needs:

  1. Full-Project Coordination - Our experienced team is the project coordinator and handles all of the details around planning, preparing and executing projects. We provide all of the necessary materials, such as seedlings, Tubex tree shelters and Vispore mats, and meet with clients on a regular basis to update them on the progress.

  2. Materials Only - Landowners or project coordinators can order any of our Tubex Treeshelters and Vispore Tree Mats to have them shipped directly from our warehouse or picked up to save shipping costs. Visit our products page for specific offerings.


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