TUBEX® Standard Treeshelters

Treeshelters are a vital component when attempting to establish hardwood trees from seedlings. The most critical time of a seedling's life is the first 3-5 years following the planting phase. Treeshelters help these seedlings grow quickly and effectively by preventing harm from wildlife and rodents and protecting them from severe weather conditions. 

Developed in the United Kingdom in 1979, TUBEX® is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of treeshelters. Its Standard Treeshelters provide a micro-climate for trees with higher air moisture to enable the plant to survive in dry or drought conditions. They also provide complete protection against animals and herbicides.

The following specifications apply to the TUBEX® Standard Treeshelters we offer:

Materials: UV-stablized polypropylene co-polymer

Construction: Seamless twin-walled

Rim: Continuous, scrape free flare

Height: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 5 ft.

Diameter: Ranges from 3.25" to 4.75", average 4"

Color: Green

Life Span: Anticipated 5-7 years. Actual life will vary based on latitude and elevation

Fastening Ties: Releasable, nylon, ratchet-locking

Special Features: Laser line, prevents tree strangulation

Mesh Netting: Prevents songbirds from becoming trapped in the treeshelters

Click here to view the datasheet for more information about the TUBEX® Treeshelters.


SHELTERGUARD Plus treeshelters give the seedling added shelter from wind, animals and herbicide spray; allow light to penetrate; and act as a greenhouse encouraging good, strong, early growth. A moulded top lipping is fitted to each tree shelter to prevent stem abrasion and strengthen the shelter tube. The SHELTERGUARD treeshelters were designed to photo-degrade in a two-stage process, with the polyethylene film breaking up first (after approximately three seasons), leaving a free draining, netting tree guard to continue to provide support. 

Specifications include:

Materials: Recycled HDPE & LDPE Photodegradable Mesh and Clear Polyethylene Film Lining

Rim: Moulded to prevent stem abrasion and strengthen shelter tube

Height: 45cm, 60cm, 75cm, 90cm, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m

Diameter: 80-110mm

Color: Olive Green

Life Span: 2 Phases: Polyethylene Film photodegrades after 3 seasons; Anticipated 5-7 years for mesh guard 

Fastening Ties: 60cm shelters have one tie pre-fitted and all other sizes have two ties as standard

Special Features: Staggered weld line to improve drainage. 
















VisPore® Tree Mat

Next to protecting your hardwood tree seedling with a TUBEX® treeshelter, controlling grass competition and providing nutrition to the roots is your best assurance of fast healthy growth.

The seedling is most vunerable during its early life stages at the roots. The unique construction of the VisPore Tree Mat allows rainfall and moisture to flow through the exclusive "micro-funnel" holes (more than 400 per square in.) while blocking 92% of the sunlight and preventing the establishment of competing weeds. By controlling weeds, each, seedling can access all the water, minerals and nutrients available in the soil. The mats generate a warmer temperature in the soil, creating an ideal environment for root growth. 

Specifications include:

Materials: Lightweight, durable polyethylene film

Dimensions: 3ft. x 3ft. x 2.5mm thick

Color: Black

Life Span: 3 years of continuous weed control

Special Features: Patented design of the one-way micro funnel allows water to travel through the mat to the root of the seedling. The mat traps the moisture and protects it from evaporation caused by sunlight and wind.






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